Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Case Sensitive Search

Several hebdomads ago the inquiry of a new Google lawsuit sensitive hunt started appearing in a couple of message boards. I've noticed this phenomenon myself especially over the last two hebdomads when working on a peculiar customer's website.

This issue impacted communicating with the customer. At first, I thought it was a substance of the client and myself looking at consequences from two different information centers. Then I realized that the client was using working capital letters in some words but not in others while searching and this impacted the consequences in Google.

For years, Google and the other hunt engines have got stated that their hunts are not lawsuit sensitive. But, now that looks not to be the lawsuit for some keyword phrases. You'll have got to note, however, that not all keyword phrases are impacted by the usage or non-use of working capital letters.

I've experimented somewhat with this and the consequences are mixed. Those who have got got weighed in on the message boards have also reported mixed consequences as well. There is a yarn on the Digital Point forum that negotiation about this issue and the usage of "Cool Time" versus "cool time" while searching Google.

Some people study seeing different consequences while others don't. I can verify that I make see different consequences from these two searches. For me, when doing this search, the first two musca volitans in the SERPs are the same, while the 3rd topographic point on down are a spot different.

There are also togs over at Search Engine Watch and Webmaster World that are reporting the phenomenon but not the impact of the same issue. Now, the first inquiry that protrudes to mind is "why?" What is the motive for having a Google lawsuit sensitive search?

Right now, I can only speculate. Perhaps this is one effort to queer blog remark or message board spam? Or, perhaps this is an effort to distinguish between a company's functionary name or a merchandise name and a generic word.

The impact of this Google lawsuit sensitive hunt could be big for some sites. Perhaps their company name is portion of their primary homepage key phrase and they rank well when using working capital letters for their company name. But, say most seekers type in less lawsuit and the same website doesn't rank as well in less case.

This also conveys to mind another question. Volition link-builders now have got to utilize ground tackle textual matter with both upper and less lawsuit letters in order to accomplish optimal consequences in the Google SERPs? Bash working capital letters now impact the statute title and meta tag areas?

For many concern proprietors lawsuit sensitive hunt will be a non-issue. But, for those that are affected knowing the replies to these inquiries may have got a very big impact on their underside lines.

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