Friday, March 21, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Don't Insult Your Prospect's Intelligence

What you're about to read is a true story. You can't do material like this up. After reading it, I don't cognize what your return on it is going to be but in my mind, this is just abusive your prospect's intelligence. Some mightiness not see it that way, and that's fine. But to me, if you desire to be taken seriously as a marketer, this is not the manner to make it. I'm not going to advert any name calling in this article, but when you read it, you will probably calculate out the land site I am talking about.

I belong to a solo advertisements baseball club where we acquire recognition for screening other members' solo ads. Anyway, this morning, just before I am actually writing this, I got to this 1 solo advertisement that had the topic line, "Grab A Cash Pig". At first Iodine thought to myself, "Are you kidding?" Certainly this was a joke. Well, Iodine always read all my solo advertisements because I desire to acquire my credits so that I can direct my ain solo ads. Anyway, I clicked on the nexus and the first thing I am greeted to on the page is a photograph of a hog retention what looks like a bag of money.

Now, the graphical alone wouldn't have got made me believe the land site was so bad, even though it was a start. But then I took a expression at the remainder of the land site and it looked like a 3rd grader set it together. No discourtesy to 3rd graders. I sat there for a minute and tried to calculate out what this individual was thinking when he set this land site together. I mean, makes he really believe that people have got so small intelligence that they'll subscribe up for this thing? Are that what this human race have come up to?

Now I cognize that some of you might be thought that something like this is cunning and not such as a large deal. However, we're talking about making money online. This isn't a game and it's not an amusement park. If I'm going to acquire myself involved in a game op, which head you I don't believe in anyway, I'm at least going to subscribe up with something that at the very least expressions legit. This was the most atrocious looking land site I have got ever seen. What individual with any intelligence would travel for it?

If you're going to set together a game up for people to acquire involved in, delight set together something that at least expressions professional. And if you're thinking of joining one of these, delight at least fall in one that doesn't look like something out of a Paddy Mouse cartoon.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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