Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If Content Is King - Who Are The Princes Of SEO?

Here's a postulation that I cognize will irritate the technically oriented Kings of SEO: Looking difficult into my crystal ball, as one does, I think that their years are numbered and that they are a dying breed! Now before the techies drove around LeadGenerators headquarters with pitchforks and ablaze torches ready to hush the web-marketing heathen, let me to explain...

Those of you who cognize me are no uncertainty well aware of my healthy neglect for the techno-centric position of cyberspace marketing. In my mind, instead of technical considerations dictating what we should seek to achieve, we selling directors should order what we desire and then happen the technical solutions to accomplish it. I cognize that this mental attitude annoys the technocrats who look to predominate the online selling world, but my attack have got proved successful in its ain right.

I have always seen SEO as a two-stage process. The first is to do certain that a client's website is hunt engine friendly. This procedure analyses the structural elements of the land land site to do certain that hunt engines are able to see ALL the pages of the site and are able to rank (judge) each page in its ain right. It's a drawn-out analysis that screens many facets of the land site but it's largely a one-off project. Once done, and once the land land land site have been improved accordingly, the techies' work is more than or less done.

The larger, 2nd measure is all-important and all about the content of the site itself.

For a site to accomplish good rankings, we necessitate to first choice the right keywords. I won't travel into the scientific discipline of keyword research and selection, but once the best 1s have got been selected for a client, we necessitate to travel into the kingdom of writing, sprinkling certain keywords strategically throughout the textual matter and the codification of each page. This is an in progress procedure which we split into what we name 'streams'. A few of the major watercourses to better the rankings of each page for its specific keyword premix are:

• KEC: The procedure of enriching the textual matters in the land site with the right amount of keywords and phrases.

• Coding: Adding in the right keywords for each page into the meta tags.

• Links: (reciprocal and one way): Getting good golf course from other land sites that are well ranked for the same keywords that we are using. This includes forum participation, engagement in societal mass media and other elements of Web2.0.

• Web PR: Submitting keyword rich articles to the syndicated news feeds for the intents of achieving both golf course and marketplace exposure.

The common denominator for all the above undertakings is good authorship and communicating skills, combined with good old-fashioned common sense, which most technically minded people aren't best suited to provide. It is the authors and communicators - not the computer programmers - who have got delivered our best consequences in the past and will go on to make so in the future.

There is a rather tacky look in the SEO community that states "Content is King". I would wish to acquire a small tackier if I may: If content is King, then the up and coming Princes of SEO must surely be the authors and communicators.

Just a idea ... and I look forward to comments.

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