Thursday, November 29, 2007

Six Simple Steps to Google Heaven

We all privation our web pages to be listed in the top consequences for Google. So how make you make it? Ask this inquiry of most hunt engine experts and you'll probably acquire a very long answer. It isn't an exact scientific discipline because we are all trying to think what how Google ranks sites.

However there are six really simple stairway that you can take that volition better your land site for Google and assist encouragement you up the rankings.

Step One:

Are you using your Title tags properly?

These are the tags that you set at the start of your hypertext markup language code. They look something like

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These tags are read by Google when it looks at your land site and it utilizes this information to make up one's mind what each of your pages is about. You should do certain that you have got a different statute title tag for every page and that it depicts your page using the keywords for that page. Avoid statute titles like Home Page etc.

Step Two:

As with the statute statute title tag, you should be using the verbal description meta tag.

Search engines read this tag in the same manner they read the title tag and they utilize the information to make up one's mind what you pages are about. So usage a different 1 for each page and include the keywords to that page. Also it's usually both the statute title tag and the verbal description tag that are displayed when Google listings your page in its hunt results. So do certain they are also enticing to chink on!

Step Three:

Think about your internal linking.

Make certain you have got a good linking construction within your land land site for the Google to follow as it creeps your site to index it. Linking textual matter within the chief content of your web pages to other pages in your land site is a good manner to assist Google. Don't just trust on your menus to assist Google happen its manner around.

Check for broken golf course in your site. There are tons of programs, many free, that volition bank check your land site and study any broken links.

Step Four:

Use different keywords for each of your pages. Google indexes pages not web land sites so you don't necessitate to utilize the same keyword on every page to optimize for that keyword.

Target each page with a single keyword and do certain you utilize that through the page. I mentioned using it in statute title and verbal description tags earlier. You should also seek to utilize your keywords in some of the headers on your site. Brand certain you are using the H1, H2 codifications for headings. You should also utilize the keyword for the page as the linking textual matter from other pages back to the page.

Step Five:

Make certain you have got a content rich site. By that Iodine mean value tons of words! Brand certain your words are relevant for the subject of your web page. Don't bury that your web page necessitates to be readable by your human visitant not just Google.

Images are good to interrupt up a page and impart significance to your human visitor, but Google doesn't see them. If you do usage images, make certain you utilize the elevation tag. Google will read these and usage the words to assist index the web page. However do certain the elevation tag depicts the picture. Don't just material it with keywords. Using the elevation tag is of import for addressing web land site handiness which is now a legal demand in many countries.

Step Six:

Don't seek to fob Google. Avoid techniques like cloaking, keyword stuffing, concealed textual matter or any of the other fast ones meant to gull Google because I can guarantee you they will not work.

They are unethical and frankly unnecessary. If you have got a land site with a good nexus structure, full of relevant content you will be rewarded by Google. I trust you follow through on all of these steps. In themselves they won't acquire you top ranking but if you don't follow them you have got no opportunity of a good ranking at all.

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