Sunday, November 25, 2007

Monitoring of internet gateways necessary: Security agencies

DELHI: The Centre is mulling a petition by assorted security federal federal agencies especially
the CBI for amending the Information Technology Act to enable the investigating
and intelligence agencies to supervise cyberspace web and gateways. The authorities is taking this
course after an electronic mail was received by some mass media houses series blasts in Uttar
Pradesh that left over a twelve people dead and tons others injured. The electronic mail account, sent from
Yahoo service supplier using a Gallic sphere (fr), was created a twenty-four hours before the
blasts by suspected terrorists whose evident purpose was not to expose the actual
perpetrators of the crime. According to sources, the
monitoring of web would assist the investigation and intelligence federal agencies in
gathering real-time information and take necessary preventative measures. Voice over Internet Protocol
(VOIP), used to convey voice signalings as information packages through the internet, was
being misused by some people, posing a serious menace to national security, an
internal paper sent to the Government said. "The career individual in a
foreign state do a phone call through calling cards. Once he or she names any
number to Republic Of India using career cards, the phone call is routed through VOIP gateway in
the foreign state where the voice signalings are converted into data

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