Monday, March 9, 2009

Botnet Attack Spreads Across Continents

The criminal botnet pack work stoppages again, this clip with the usage of a powerful worm called DOWNAD.A that is now wreaking mayhem across continents, security experts disclosed.

According to Tendency Micro, respective place broadband webs have got been contaminated with the WORM_DOWNAD.A across Europe and in the United States.

The worm is also spreading across Latin United States where users of Windows and Windows waiter are growing. People'S Republic Of China is also not spared by the onslaught and is expected to be an utmost menace as billions of users of Windows stay unaware of the capableness of the botnet. Likewise with Republic Of India and the urban countries of the Center East.

A former onslaught from the botnet pack using Networm also exploited a publicly disclosed exposure in all supported versions of Windows and Windows Server.

Microsoft have commonly made public respective exposure patches. Recently it let go of one such as spot that had been not able to rectify a flaw and had allowed botnet to travel in.

An MS08-067 spot released by Microsoft was exploited by the botnet pack to construct an updated version of Networm. The said spot had since been released out of rhythm when it was discovered that the flaw had been used to distribute the worm.

Botnet have been a ill-famed security menace that often hits whenever there is a exposure that have been made public by developers and manufacturers. This time, with the WORM_DOWNAD.A, it looks to be succeeding yet again.

Trend Micro said at least 500,000 alone hosts have got been victimized by this threat.

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