Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Television "Robs the Cradle" and Marries Internet Marketing - Born is Web 3.0

John McCain, Fred Thompson, Demi Douglas Moore et al. have got all married younger. Surely there are many other illustrations 1 could come up with. It looks like it's working for them and if they are happy so be it.

In technology, a similar labor union have taken topographic point that is rocking the selling world; the matrimony of telecasting and Internet in the chapel of marketing. It was an inevitable labor union when digital TVs were introduced.

After WWII, the figure of telecasting sets in the United States could possibly be counted in the thousands. By the end of the 20th century, 98% of all United States places have at least one telecasting and about 42% had Internet access. A survey in February 2008 concluded that 75% of United States grownups are Internet users.

The matrimony of television and Internet have created a immense concern chance for selling and advertising. Companies like ITV Ventures started by Donald Barrett usage 30 minute infomercials to marketplace predominantly health and wellness merchandises catering mostly to babe boomers. Work at place enterprisers can joint venture with Donald Barrett as Mugwump Business Owners (IBOs) and take these telephone calls consecutive from the commercial routed directly to their place phone via the Internet. In addition, IBOs can also make Internet selling through professionally designed ecommerce land sites provided with a insurance premium rank and of course of study can make traditional retailing.

The engineering of taking telephone calls directly from infomercials via the Internet to one's place phone have never been done before. It is truly land breakage with some referring to it as the "Birth of Web 3.0".

The term Web 2.0 is somewhat hard to pin down down; some even name it a useless selling term but those who utilize it or take part in it would likely disagree. I won't seek to define it but my apprehension is that is have a batch to make with societal networking, picture sharing, blogging, and a nimiety of other land sites that promote user interaction and participation. It is wild and free for the most part; some good and some bad depending on your perspective.

For example, I once made a picture for a merchandise I was selling and posted it on YouTube and MySpace.

YouTube brought some similar mined people my manner that I still work with and share information with. MySpace on the other manus goes on to convey "young ladies" with elicit profiles encouraging me to fall in baseball clubs or expression at things I have got no involvement in. I'm a 42 twelvemonth old, married with children, Internet seller whose chief intent for being online is to construct a concern for household security. I would not have got got got been interested in these solicitations at one-half my age, but I'm sure there have been many a mediocre immature male child who have accepted their "friendship" requests.

Kids will be children and Web 2.0 is their online playground. Web 3.0 takes advantage of the utile constituents of Web 2.0 and get rids of the uncontrollable facets and questionable behaviour of some of the participants. Serious minded Internet sellers are leaving the resort behind to encompass the Direct Response Retailing and Network Selling offered via Web 3.0 - the matrimony of television and Internet marketing.

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