Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Online Business Success - Domain Names - Why You Must Have Your Own

I got on the Internet for one reason and one reason
only: to make money. The Internet is an absolutely
SUPERB place to make money IF you know what you're
doing. Unfortunately, most people don't.

One of the saddest things I see is literally
millions of businesspeople and entrepreneurs worldwide
trying to profit online but making one mistake
over and over again: trying to profit without having
That one thing is a domain.

Now hear this: if you don't have a domain, you are
guaranteed to fail online. You will never make a
dime online. 100% of those profiting online have
a domain, NO exceptions.

Here's why a domain is absolutely necessary.

* A Domain Is Real Estate

Owning a domain means you own a piece of the Internet,
the world's fastest growing communications and
business emporium. Who profits within this environment?
Domain owners ONLY.

* A Domain Can Be Infinitely Expanded. As Your
Business Grows, You Can Grow Your Domain

The great thing about a domain is that it can
accommodate any amount of business growth. Unlike
a business in the 'real world' which may have
numerous factors inhibiting growth, online the sky's
the limit. The only thing limiting your online growth
is your own imagination.

Want to add 100 products to your domain? No
problem! 1000 products? 10,000 products? No problem

How about unlimited services? Business opportunities?
Affiliate programs? You got it!

With a domain, you need to wrap your mind around
the concept of UNLIMITED growth and development. The
smallest domain has within it the seeds of infinite
expansion, starting right from the moment of

* A Domain Enables You To Collect Prospect Information

When you own a domain, you can collect information
about every prospect who visits you. Why do you want
to do that? Because today's visitors are tomorrow's
customers, and the more you know about them -- including
complete follow-up information -- the more you can
sell to and profit from them. The domain enables you
to collect this vital unlimited prospect information.

If you're one of those people who think that a self-
replicating website and a domain are the same thing,
here's as good a place as any to clear up that gross

A self-replicating website is merely a copy of someone
else's domain. The OWNER can grow it, gather prospect/
visitor information and collect money. But you can't!

When you own the domain, you can gather a vistor's
name, address, phone, email address, and find out what
they're interested in and want from you. Then you can
follow up and make the sale!

* A Domain Enables You To Grow One Expanding 'Super Site'

Are you currently in a bunch of online affiliate
programs, MLMs, business opportunities? Are these flung
all over the 'net? Then you need a domain so that
you can profit from just ONE managed 'super site' with
EVERYTHING on it. This is what the biggest, the
multi-billion dollar players online do. They have 1
and ONLY 1 domain which they spend their time and
money promoting and developing.

If you expect online profits, follow the leaders: get
1 domain and only domain only and grow it like the dickens
for maximum profits.

* A Domain Can Be Constantly Altered & Kept Up-To-Date

Do you think the 'big guys' online -- again, those
multi-billion dollar players -- keep their websites the
same day after day? No way! They keep changing the
look and content of their domains DAILY to keep past
visitors coming back and entice new visitors. So must

When you have a domain you own an infinitely expandable
store, something you can change, improve and develop
WHENEVER you want!

Conclusion: Get Your Domain NOW

Trying to profit online without a domain is as senseless
as trying to drive a car without wheels. It just isn't
going to happen. Your domain is absolutely essential
for success.

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